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  2. Types of doorways

Ever since the formation of the Internet, enterprising people have seen in it a good way to make money. Over time, early forecasts and weak attempts developed into a well-established mechanism for commercializing the Internet, and hundreds of ways to successfully monetize web resources were invented. To date, online business is approaching in its scope and diversity to the offline business and gives huge profits, often with little or no investment. Advertising, commerce, services, training, production - everything today is not conceivable without the Internet. Having your own site on the World Wide Web - this means today not to do something outstanding, this is a business routine. And this is not surprising, because modern man increasingly trusts the Internet not only as a source of information, but also as a virtually inexhaustible source of his own wealth. Now on the Internet you can buy everything, except for big money, big politics are also made here.

No wonder that, apart from honest ways of making money on the Internet, fraud of all kinds and varieties is flourishing. It would be surprising if there were no people who would conduct their unrighteous deeds on the Internet. Note that in addition to the long-known 400 relatively honest methods of taking money from the population of the unforgettable Ostap Bender and a million completely unfair, the Internet has also invented its own, special ways to do it. Moreover, most often there will be no punishment for fraud, and there can be no. After all, this is a virtual fraud, and money is most often withdrawn not directly, but indirectly.

One of the most common ways of unfair use of the Internet for personal gain is the website doorway . The name of this phenomenon, which is quite widely represented on the world wide web, translates from English as a door to the street, an entrance door.

Most often, doorway is a site that is created automatically for any high-frequency request or several requests. Most often, its content is by and large absolutely useless and meaningless, but each article is saturated with these very requests. But it happens that the texts are disguised as unique, as they adhere to the principle of verbal associations. Around the keyword are located close to the context of the word, because the search robot does not notice the trick. Doorway has two main tasks - spam and promotion of another, normal site, to which it redirects the traffic received by fraud.

Doorway and search engines.

Even to an inexperienced user, it becomes clear that any doorway grossly violates the basic law of the search engine that a site must have unique and useful content for the user. Doorway is also a source of search engine spam, from which search engines so zealously protect their customers. Doorway is a vivid example of black website optimization, which is also not welcomed by any search engine.

Of course, when detecting doorway search system immediately imposes sanctions on the site and sends it to the ban. Why do we often come across doorways, looking for the information we need on the Internet? The fact is that art, if it can be expressed this way, of course, the creation of a doorway is being improved as the search engine filters are improved. Thus, between the doorway and the search engine there is a sharp struggle for a place in the sun, and often the doorway creators emerge victorious from it. There are a lot of one-day doorways on the Internet, created by amateurs, but there are doorways that have been worked on by a team of professionals, because such a site is focused on success and fast, almost instant profit. And not everyone on the Internet follows the laws of business ethics, even professionals. Such doorways happily avoid search engine sanctions and feel at ease on the Internet, clogging it up naturally.

Another reason for the presence of doorways on the Internet is that the search engine cannot always distinguish between doorways and, for example, an informational site with many links that have nothing to do with spam.

Types of doorways

Any doorway refers to the black site optimization, or Black Hat seo. But smart people have found a way to use the doorway for the benefit of search engine promotion; moreover, with the right approach, the doorway can become a powerful tool in website promotion. The fact is that not all doorways are black optimization. They are:

  1. White doorways are in general normal websites that are created using high-quality content and work to promote the main resource, redirecting the user to it.
  2. Gray doorways - the purpose of such sites is to increase the link mass for the main resource. Most often the content on them is pretty good, but oversaturated with keywords.
  3. Black doorway pages are spammers sites, their main task is redirecting or automatically redirecting to a third-party resource that engages in aggressive advertising of something or a payer, that is, a site that offers some very attractive service for ridiculous money. Content for such doorways is irrelevant and often represents a meaningless set of sentences and phrases with keywords.

So, it is with black doorways fighting search engines. But white and gray often remain in place and can help in promoting the main site. The only thing is that the promotion of such doorways is also a difficult thing, because you must first figure out whether the game is worth the candle.

Even if everything is done absolutely correctly and doorway is classified as white or gray, there is no guarantee that the search engine will not lower it in the ranking or even ban it. Moreover, all search engines are constantly improving their filters for searching and destroying doorways. Therefore, even if you make every effort, the duration of the doorway will be brief. You need to first think carefully whether doorway is needed for search engine optimization site or better to use bona fide methods. After all, excess risk does not always bring quick money, but the reputation will be spoiled. And to buy a new reputation for money is unlikely to fail.

Why do we often come across doorways, looking for the information we need on the Internet?


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